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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Armstrong & Sons works with your business to find you the right solutions for your tube replacement project. We carry tube cutters, pullers, strippers, choppers and installation tools. Our skilled technicians and consultants will help you pick the right tool for the job.

Below you can find some answers to the questions most frequently asked of us. If you need more information please contact us today and we’ll be glad to help you find what you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Copper, brass and stainless steel. Our system was designed to pull condenser tubes but is also used in heat exchanger units. Several factors are considered in order to determine if our tools will be a good fit for your job. Please contact us for a more detailed evaluation of your needs.

Our system can be customized to fit just about any job, though they are best equipped as follows:5/8″ 14 BWG to 1 1/4″ 22 BWG.

a. Tube cutter and tube puller are available both pneumatic (35CFM @ 90psi) and 110 electric.

b. Tube stripper requires 100 CFM @ 100 PSI.

c. Tube chopper requires 230 or 460 volt AC 3 phase.

Yes, we fabricate all parts and accessories for our tools, with the exception of the Drill drives for our cutters.

Our general expectation is that we can remove 30-35 tubes per hour or 250 tubes per day per pulling line. Though each job/unit is different and production rates can vary, for instance we have had instances where 100 tubes per hour have occurred.

Our Armstrong Internal Tube Cutter is the only tool that we provide via rental without supervision (i.e. tool technician).Our puller, stripper and chopper all require a technician on site, taking this approach ensures the tools are set up quickly and properly, they are operated in a safe manner and repairs are done in a quickly efficient manner minimizing downtime.

No it is not, but recommended. Typical scrap yards will offer a higher yield on the scrap due to the fact that it cuts down on their processing time.

We have no set territory, we will travel wherever our tools will be of benefit.

We service all industries, including but not limited to commercial, industrial and nuclear. Contact Armstrong & Sons today to learn more about how we can work with you on your next boilder tube servicing project.

80 years. Our business was first registered in 1939 by Robert Armstrong. Learn more about Armstrong & Sons by visiting our About Us page.

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CTI Industries uses Armstrong and Sons tube removal tools
Day & Zimmermann use Armstong tube extraction tools

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