Armstrong Pneumatic Tube Stripper™

Model PTS

Removing tubes from a steam condenser or heat exchanger is hard work but the Armstrong Pneumatic Tube Stripper™ Model PTS can save you time and money.

By using pneumatics instead of hydraulics we offer an environmentally conscious approach to the task of tube removal by significantly reducing the chance of oil spills.

Our patented tube stripper tool can work at production rates of 4 tubes per minute depending on tube length and safely removes the tube completely from the shell for easy recycling as the tube is removed intact and round.

We intentionally limit the pulling power of our Armstrong Pneumatic Tube Stripper™ tool as our research has determined that any greater force than 100 PSI increases the risk of damage to the tube sheet and internal supports.

When a heat exchanger or steam condenser is located in tight quarters or if flattening and sectioning the tube is desirable our Armstrong Chopper can flatten and chop the tubes quickly and easily.

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Armstrong Pneumatic
Tube Stripper™

Model PTS

CTI Industries uses Armstrong and Sons tube removal tools
Day & Zimmermann use Armstong tube extraction tools

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