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Model HDP

Pulling a tight fitting tube from a heat exchanger or steam condenser can be challenging, but the Armstrong Tube Puller™, Model HDP, makes this work much easier by using a pneumatic driven pump which drives a hydraulic ‘gun’ to break the roll making it possible to remove the undesired tube.

With a cycle rate of 16-20 tubes per minute, a stroke of 3.5 inches and being able to handle tube sizes starting at 5/5-16 gauge through 1-24 gauge our tube puller works fast.

The hydraulic gun weighs just 12 pounds and comes with an extra long hydrauilc host of 20 feet. An air over hydraulic pump is required for operation and is manageable by two people as it weighs just 60 pounds.

This tool requires an air compressor with an output of 35 CFM at 80-100 PSI. Power comes in two configurations with the first being 115V electric. The second option is to use a two -stage hydraulic pump with a 24V control circuit.

If you’re looking for a tube stripper our Armstrong Pneumatic Tube Stripper™ can strip pulled tubes at a rate of 2-4 tubes per minute depending on the model.

For additional information about our Armstrong Internal Tube Puller™, Model HDP, contact us today to learn how Armstrong & Sons tube removal tools can help you with your tube replacement project.

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Armstrong & Sons tube puller

Tube Puller™

Model HDP

CTI Industries uses Armstrong and Sons tube removal tools
Day & Zimmermann use Armstong tube extraction tools

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