Armstrong Tube Installation Tools

Authorized Distributor for all Airetool products

Airetool tube installation tools

We are an authorized distributer for all Airetool products. We also rent Airetool Model 720, 850-600, 1200 and 1550 rolling motors, P-15 Torque Analyzer and HG Series 3 ball hole gages.

We also sell tube sheet brushes, tube guides, carbide ball burrs, tube plugs, tube end facers, jack screw pullers, single rev tube cutters and custom belling tools. We also rent IR 500 RPM drills.

Expanders are purchase only. Purchase items are non-returnable and non-refundable.

When you’re looking to remove condenser or heat exchanger tubes our Armstrong Pneumatic Tube Puller can remove tubes at 16-20 tubes per minute .

For additional information about our Airetool tube installation tools, review the links below or contact us today to learn how Armstrong & Sons tube removal tools can help you with your tube replacement project.

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Additional Information

Airetool Model P-15 Torque Analyzer

Airetool Model P-15 Torque Analyzer

Use the P-15 Torque Analyzer to set a specific torque value on Airetool rolling controls. The torque analyzer’s readings may be used as a standard for the Airetools performance providing greater quality control over rolled tube joints.

Airetool Tube Installation Tools

From Cleco P-15 torque analyzers, tube sheet hole gauges, torque controlled rolling motors, tube trimming and serrating machines and Chicago Pneumatic air drills with variable speeds up top 500 RPM, Armstrong & Sons has the tools you can count on and the experience you can trust to get your tube installation project done on time and on budget.

Armstrong Tube Installation Tools

Models 720, 850, P-15 Torque Analyzer, HG Series 3-Hole Gauges, G-800 and 1550 Rolling Motor

CTI Industries uses Armstrong and Sons tube removal tools
Day & Zimmermann use Armstong tube extraction tools

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