Model AA

For cutting a tube from a heat exchanger or steam condenser nothing beats the Armstrong Internal Tube
Cutter™, Model AA.

Our tool cuts the tube at one end of the condenser, separating the two rolled ends and can
be used to trim excess tube from the tube face sheet.

First Patented in 1931, with a major revision in 1946, our tube cutter tool is available in a variety of Pneumatic & Electric
tube cutting configurations, each designed to meet your specific needs.

Cutting adapters are available in sizes from 5/8″-14 BWG through 1″- 24 BWG. 2″ nominal depth of cut. Special larger and deeper sizes available upon request.

If you’re looking for a tube pulling solution, our High Speed Hydraulic Tube Puller can achieve production rates of 16-20 tubes per minute.

For additional information about our Armstrong Internal Tube Cutter™, Model AA, review the links below or contact us today to learn how Armstrong & Sons tube removal tools can help you with your tube replacement project.

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Tube cutting adapters

Tube Cutting Adapters

Cutting adapters – Includes the cutting bit, tool bit holder and spindle.Sizes from standard 5/8” 14g up to 1″ 22g. Custom sizes available upon request. Standard length is 2 and 3″ but deeper cuts can be built, up 13.5″.

Tube Serrating Blades

Serrating blades are used in the process of creating a serration in the tube sheet hole to produce a stronger bond between the new tube and the tube sheet. Size and number of serrations are available upon request.

Armstrong and Sons tube removal serrating blades
Tube removal tools trim stops

Trim Stops

P/N 19-XX – Used to adjust the depth of your cut, allowing you to accommodate different size tube sheets.Sizes 5/8 – 1″ – standard length is 2” – custom sizes available upon request.

P/N 20-XX – Trimming Stop – used to trim the excess tube protruding from the tube sheet. Trimming a tube back will increase flow on the inlet side of the unit.Standard sizes – 5/8-1” — Custom size and lengths available.

P/N 21 – Brass Stop lock nut – used to secure the trim stop into place.

CTI Industries uses Armstrong and Sons tube removal tools
Day & Zimmermann use Armstong tube extraction tools

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