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About Armstrong and Sons

About Armstrong & Sons

80 Years of Service to the Tube Replacement Industry

Thank you for joining us in celebrating 80 years of service to the tube replacement industry.

With five patents achieved along the way, Armstrong & Sons are proud to welcome you to come with us on a journey back through time. Our story begins over 100 years ago – and is still going strong. We invite you to look at our timeline to see an overview of our history. You can click on each image to see our photo gallery.

Armstrong & Sons ~ Tools you can count on. Experience you can trust.

Tools you can count on. Experience you can trust.


Robert Armstrong - Founder of Armstrong and Sons

Robert Armstrong

1939 – 1948


Robert S. Armstrong, Jr.

Robert S. Armstrong

1948 – 1966


Robert S. Armstrong, Jr.

Bob S. Armstrong, Jr

1966 – 2009


Linda Pietsch

2009 – Present


Randy Pietsch

Randy Pietsch

2014 – Present


Michael Pickell

1978 – Present


A Timeline of Our History

  • Robert Armstrong as a young man on his way to America

    1918 - Coming to America

    Emigrating to the United States from Scotland, Robert Armstrong comes to America and eventually found Armstrong & Sons, which has been providing innovative tools and support to the heat exchanger, chiller and steam condenser tube replacement industry for 80 years.

  • Armstrong Internal Tube Cutter - 1931

    1931 - First Patent – Armstrong Tube Cutter

    The Armstrong Tube Cuttter patent was filed on May 27th, 1931 and granted to Robert Armstrong on October 18, 1932.

  • Hells Gate Power Station, New York

    1938 - Chief Engineer at Hell Gate Power Plant

    Robert Armstrong achieves the rank of Chief Engineer at the Hell Gate power plant, the worlds most powerful steam operated power station at the time. As part of his work as Chief Engineer he began looking for ways to improve re-tubing of the systems steam condensers. It was here that the idea for the first tube pulling device came to fruition for which he earned a third patent for the Armstrong Tube Puller in 1954.

CTI Industries uses Armstrong and Sons tube removal tools
Day & Zimmermann use Armstong tube extraction tools

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